Woodbine Theater, Woodbine, Georgia

I’ve enjoyed following the Flickr group, US 17 – and recently came across images there of the old Woodbine Theater, in Woodbine, Georgia in Camden County (home of the Woodbine Crawfish Festival). Buildings like this – rather, remnants of such buildings – reveal stories in hushed tones, in their remaining facades and empty spaces, sharing a link to the past. Unfortunately, when I googled this old theater all I learned was that folks in Woodbine consider it an eyesore now – and want it to come down. It’s unsalvageable. What a shame – I hope it’s stories aren’t lost when it’s walls come down. If you have a story about this place, please share it with us in a comment. We’d certainly love to hear more about this place.


I especially liked the black and white image titled ‘Ruins of Woodbine Theater’ (above) – which sits alongside US 17 and SR 25 (a stretch of road locally referred to as Bedell Avenue) in Woodbine. I contacted the photographer, Mike Wingate, and he graciously gave me permission to use his image. I asked Mike if he’d write something about himself, and this is what he wrote:

I’ve been fascinated with abandonment and decay ever since I was a little kid. When I was 5 or 6 years old I would have my grandad drive me around the countryside to photograph old homes and buildings. I have dabbled in film photography on and off since then, but it wasn’t until I finished college and had the opportunity to observe my surroundings and gain an appreciation to the historical aspects of the south that I picked up a camera again and began exploring and documenting what I guess you could consider to be the disappearing south, southern decay, cultural relics etc. I mostly use a lot of toy cameras in my photography, and like to experiment with alternative development/processing techniques such as cross processing and redscale to put a more creative aspect into my work. I choose to shoot with film as I have always had a passion for it, so I have no plans on going digital anytime soon.

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