Waikiki Village (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Waikiki Village Myrtle Beach SC 19 May 2014

Waikiki Village

1500 Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Waikiki Village is one of a group of Populuxe Motels (think 1950s and 1960s) that still exist in Myrtle Beach. The word ‘populuxe’ is derived from populism/popularity and luxury – think “popular luxury” with an “e” added at the end to make the word seem more glamorous. It was coined by Thomas Hine, a writer on history, culture and design. The Waikiki has been fortunate to have stayed in one family and has been better cared for than many of the other Populuxe Motels at Myrtle Beach. Personally – I love these places, and would love to see someone come along and try to a “Populuxe Motel Historic District” in place so that these places aren’t lost. You can read more about these Populuxe Motels in “Lost Myrtle Beach” by Becky Billingsley and in Katherine Fuller’s 2002 thesis titled “Populuxe Motels: Preservation in Myrtle Beach, SC and the Wildwoods, NJ.”

From the Waikiki Village website:

“Since the late 1960’s, three generations of this family have been helping vacationers make beautiful life-long memories. It began with James and Louise Watts, with the legacy continuing on by their daughters, Sandra and Nancy. The Grandchildren Jonathan, Jeremy and Heather also help out when needed. It is our daily attention that has guests returning each year. We are not a plush resort. If you are looking for something new and shiny, you will be disappointed. We are a simple property that offers well maintained and clean accommodations at a very good value. This is what brings customers to us! Many families continue to return year after year. We hope to be a part of your family tradition as well.”