Views Of The Churchyard At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Edenton, NC)

The Churchyard at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church~
100 West Church Street, Edenton, North Carolina
Phone: (252) 482-3522

I’ve already mentioned the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in these pages – a church that can be found a short detour off Highway 17 in Chowan County, North Carolina (you take the Virginia Road exit towards Edenton and North Broad Street – which takes you down a short, lovely drive through Edenton where you’ll find St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at North Broad and West Church Streets.

I want to also show you images of the Churchyard that surrounds St. Paul’s – it’s quite beautiful.  From the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church website:

The churchyard dates from 1722, when Edenton became the capital of North Carolina. Because of a lack of stone along the coast, tombstones were rare and costly. Markers of brick or wood gradually weathered away. The churchyard looks un-crowded to day because many of the 700 known graves are not marked. The church yard was never used for Church members only, but served the whole community. By 1850 the vestry was begging the town to provide another cemetery. Best known are the group of tombstones under the magnolias, called the Governors Graves (moved here from family cemeteries on the banks of the Chowan River or the Albemarle Sound), which include Henderson Walker, Thomas Pollock, and Charles Eden for whom the town is named.