Views of Old Port Royal (Port Royal, VA)


Market Street, Port Royal, Virginia

A little over a week ago, I spent a grey Sunday afternoon wandering the Town of Port Royal, Virginia.  I first met friends at Horne’s Restaurant and Gifts for a late breakfast – Horne’s sits at the intersection of Highway 17 (the Tidewater Trail) and US 301.  If you head north on 301 at the intersection, you’ll come to Port Royal on the right just before you take the bridge over the Rappahannock River.

On the Sunday of my visit, it was a cloudy afternoon with a winter storm watch in effect for the evening and following day – so I was thankful that I got to spend a bit of time in Port Royal before the rain, freezing rain and snow got started.  It was a quiet afternoon – I did get greeted by a barking dog and quacking duck on Water Street, and there was a group of kids playing ball on the ‘Town Green’ – but otherwise, the town was quiet.

I must say that this small town fascinated me – I grew up in Virginia, but knew nothing of Port Royal’s history.  It must get overshadowed by Williamsburg to its south or Fredericksburg and Washington, DC to its north, but I found the place charming and surprisingly rich in history.  Many of the older structures in the town are being cared for and have been restored – but there are a number of places that still need attention, and I hope that in the near future they get the attention they deserve.  There are folks working hard to see that this happens – like the folks at Historic Port Royal, Inc, the official historical society of the Town of Port Royal.

If you find yourself along this stretch of Highway 17 in Virginia, I really recommend that you visit – show Port Royal a little love, okay?

I’ll post separate pieces about the different buildings in Port Royal that caught my eye, and I’ll update their links here as I get them posted.

The Dorothy Roy Chimneys 

The Leckie (Holloway) House

Farish Printing

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Barn – Market Street

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