US 17 Has A Poet Laureate… Pretty Sweet, Huh?

This might just be the first time that a highway has had a Poet Laureate -all of it’s very own. So I’d like to introduce to you Richard Garcia – Poet Laureate of US 17 Coastal Highway – modeling, of course, his lovely custom-made US 17 Coastal Highway t-shirt from the US 17 store.

Here’s a bit about Richard, from his website:

“Richard Garcia was born in San Francisco in 1941 and began writing in his teens. After publishing his chap book, Selected Poems, in 1972, he stopped writing for a number of years until an encouraging letter from Octavio Paz convinced him to return to writing. In 1978 he published a bilingual book for children, My Aunt Otilia’s Spirits, and University of Pittsburgh Press published The Flying Garcias in 1991. He earned the MFA degree in creative writing from Warren Wilson College Writers’ Program in 1994. BOA Editions published his third volume of poetry, Rancho Notorious, in 2001, and released his fourth volume, The Persistence of Objects, in October 2006. His latest release is Chickenhead: Prose Poems, a chap book with Foothills Publishing.”

You can read more about Richard at the Poetry Foundation website.

Richard will be showing up here from time-to-time, sharing with us poems about travels and road trips and journeys and… you get the idea. It’s gonna be fun.