The Lowcountry Mermaid, Funky Little Kitchen, And Awendaw Sound, Awendaw, SC

Update: I’m bummed to report that The Lowcountry Mermaid and theFunky Little Kitchen have closed – and Awendaw Sound is no longer sponsoring outdoor music.

Many of you probably remember the Kickin’ Horse Grocery, Tackle Shop, & Campground, a popular stopping point along Highway 17 for bikers – I for one enjoyed seeing the Marshall Tucker Band and Cowboy Mouth on stages out behind the place. They opened in 2001 and closed after only a few years – I had heard that neighbors complained about the noise.

The Kickin’ Horse stayed empty for a number of years. I always hoped that something fun would pop up there… and now it has. Where the Tackleshop was, there is now The Lowcountry Mermaid (which carries new and used furniture, home accessories, etc.). The small restaurant has been taken over by the Funky Little Kitchen (great burgers!) and I just recently heard that the stages out behind the place have been taken over by Awendaw Sound – which will sponsor outdoor music events on the 13-acre piece of land. It’s a great place to sit and listen to music – and I for one am looking forward to seeing what groups they bring to Awendaw.

If you want to read more about these businesses – take a look at this Post and Courier piece (dated 24 February 2011) titled ‘New businesses hope to be the beginning of a trend for Awendaw on U.S. Highway 17‘. These new businesses, along with the SeeWee Restaurant, the SeWee Outpost, Awendaw Green and Hidden Ponds Nursery, have Awendaw hoppin’!

(Images of these new businesses forthcoming!).