The Hallowed Ground Byway

So, while on a recent roadtrip, I spent a little time on Highway 17 in Virginia. There’s a stretch of Highway 17 there that is called the James Madison Highway – and it seems that a bit of this road is also part of what’s called the ‘Hallowed Ground Byway’- a stretch of road between Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Monticello, Virginia. Here’s some history regarding the Byway:

“The 180-mile Journey Through Hallowed Ground byway corridor from Gettysburg, PA, to Monticello, VA, is “Where America Happened.” It is said that this route, spanning three states, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, holds more historic sites than any other in the U.S. It was an active transportation route during the Revolutionary War, a critical transition zone for the Underground Railroad, and a key battleground during the Civil War. This early corridor was the literal “roadbed” for the creation of our country and American ideals.”

Here’s some interesting history about the connection between U.S. 15 and 17:

“In the 1940’s, US 15 would have its next large scale alignment shift. The designation was adjusted between Warrenton and Gilbert’s Corner. Prior to this change, US 15 had followed a route that consists of modern US 17 north out of Warrenton, north on VA 245 through Great Meadow, at The Plains it continued north on what is now secondary route 626 to US 50 in Middleburg, finally east of US 50 to where the route turned north at Gilbert’s Corner. This former route of US 15 is still considered as the James Madison Highway today.”