“Temperance Tavern”, Falmouth Historic District (Falmouth, VA)

~the former "Temperance Tavern"~

~the former “Temperance Tavern”~

Washington Street, Falmouth, Virginia

Falmouth Historic District


A few weeks before Christmas, I went on a short road trip from US 17 near Bealeton, Virginia to Fredericksburg. It was a beautiful and cold winters day – and it was a wonderful stretch of highway. It was almost my first trip down part of Highway 17 and my visit to Falmouth, Virginia – which I found quite beautiful. The Falmouth Historic District managed to keep a unique feel, even with a lot of growth happening nearby. Falmouth is located on the north shore of the Rappahannock River, opposite Fredericksburg, Virginia – and the Falmouth Historic District consists of 38 buildings. Washington Street was particularly charming – and I loved a brick home with the wonderful red doors that I later discovered was known as the “Temperature Tavern”.

From FourSquare, it states that the Tavern was constructed by William Brooke for use as a warehouse circa 1829, and was shortly thereafter converted to a Tavern and used as a Hotel during the 1830s. I need to dig further to find some additional history about this place – it appears to be used as a home today and it appears much-loved.

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