Support The Altamaha Riverkeepers!

Image posted with the permission of the Georgia photographer, Mike McCall. Please go check out more of his wonderful photographs at Mike McCall Photography.

Please go and vote in the Altamaha Riverkeeper Photo Contest – and with a $10 donation and your vote you will help to protect a gorgeous and unique watershed. Highway 17 runs through the coastal marshes of the Altamaha watershed – and without these beautiful natural spaces, Highway 17 is just a road, and not a wonderful journey through some amazing places! Please vote (and donate).

While you’re at it, check out all of the good works that the Altamaha Riverkeepers are involved in – from their website, this is ‘who they are’:

“The Altamaha Riverkeeper is a grassroots organization dedicated to the protection, defense and restoration of Georgia’s biggest river—the Altamaha— including its tributaries the Ocmulgee, the Oconee and the Ohoopee.”

I’ve mentioned the Altamaha River before in these pages, and Janisse Ray’s wonderful book “Drifting into Darien”. This is a river and ecosystem that needs our support – so think about submitting a photograph in the contest or donating $10 and voting – it’s a wonderful cause in support of a great river and it’s keepers.