Sewee Outpost, Awendaw, SC


SEWEE Outpost

4853 Highway 17 North
Awendaw, SC 29429
Phone: 843-928-3493


I love this place.


Decent gas prices (and they carry ethanl-free preminum fuel, which is good for boaters and my finicky push lawn mower). Country ham biscuits in the morning (a personal weakness). Irresistible toys for kids (and non-kids). And this might surprise you (unless you’ve stopped by yourself): I shopped their men’s clothing section for Christmas gifts for my father and brother last year. Plus, they keep good company, clustered in Awendaw, SC with the SeeWee Restaurant, Hidden Ponds Nursery, and Awendaw Green – with Funky Little Kitchen, the Lowcountry Mermaid, and Awendaw Sound just a bit further north.

Here’s how the Sewee Outpost describe themselves (from their website):

Sewee Outpost is a general store located in Awendaw, SC. It is your launching pad to the Francis Marion National Forest, Bulls Bay, and the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge. We offer a full line of hunting and fishing supplies, marine hardware, bait, ice, beer & wine, and outdoor cookware. We also have a kitchen specializing in homemade southern food including cheese biscuits, desserts, jams, jellies, sauces, and sandwiches.

You can find some more store photos here, and you can also find them on Facebook. Go check these guys out!