Pollocksville Boating Access Area (Pollocksville, NC)

~Highway 17 bridge over the Trent River in Pollocksville, North Carolina~

Highway 17 bridge over the Trent River in Pollocksville, North Carolina

What a gorgeous place! I do believe the Town of Pollocksville is one of my favorite spots along Highway 17 in North Carolina – and this new boat ramp and canoe/kayak launch and park that sits along the Trent River is just beautiful. To get there, you turn at the Pollocksville Town Hall and Depot onto East Street, and you’ll find the park behind the Depot, along the Trent River.

The Trent River headwaters begin 15 miles southwest of Kinston, North Carolina in Lenoir County. It starts as a narrow blackwater stream and winds east. The first town it reaches is Trenton, and between Trenton and Pollocksville the river is fairly wide, however between Pollocksville and New Bern the river narrows and there are numerous fallen trees in the river. However when the Trent River joins the Neuse River in downtown New Bern, North Carolina, it is almost a half a mile wide.

~two boat ramp~

two boat ramp


~canoeing undering the Highway 17 bridge~

canoeing undering the Highway 17 bridge