Pole Yard Public Boat Landing, North Santee River (Georgetown County, SC)

~View from the Pole Yard Public Boat Landing (Georgetown County, SC)~

~View from the Pole Yard Public Boat Landing (Georgetown County, SC)~

Highway 17 crosses the North and South Santee Rivers in Georgetown County, South Carolina (this stretch of Highway 17 is called South Fraser Street) – and at the base of the north side of the bridge crossing the North Santee River is the Pole Yard Public Boat Landing. There are two lanes to launch your boat, and a dock alongside one of the lanes – there isn’t a fishing pier. Use of the boat landing is free to the public (and there are plenty of parking spaces).

The Santee River begins about 25 miles southeast of Columbia, South Carolina by the confluence of the Wateree and Congaree rivers. It flows southeast and enters Lake Marion, which stretches for approximately 30 miles towards the Santee Dam. Downstream it forms the northeast boundary of the Francis Marion National Forest. Approximately 10 miles from its mouth, it splits into two river channels, the North Santee and South Santee, that flow parallel and separated by the largest delta region on the Atlantic Coast, the Santee Delta. The two channels reach the ocean at Santee Point, about 15 miles south of Georgetown, South Carolina.

The Santee River was named by English settlers after the Santee tribe, which inhabited areas on the middle part of the river, near Lake Marion and the town of Santee, South Carolina. The Santee Indian Organization, descendants of the Santee tribe, were officially recognized by the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs in 2006.


Map from Wikipedia.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Map of the Santee Delta Wildlife Management Area Pole Yard Public Boat Landing

SCDNR Managed Lands Pole Yard