Old Fish House Restaurant, Georgetown, South Carolina


If you find yourself driving on Highway 17 through Georgetown, South Carolina – please don’t hesitate to turn off the highway and take a little detour down Front Street.  Perhaps even park the car for awhile, grab a beer somewhere along the riverfront, or grab something wonderful at Kudzu Bakery (120 King) off one of the side streets.

The image above was taken on the riverside of the Old Fish House, last December (2009).  I had just returned from my first visit to Hobcaw Barony – and was with several friends and we stopped for a beer and had some crab dip.  It was mid-December, and warm enough to sit outside along the river.  There’s a spirit to Georgetown that I’ve grown to admire – and I think you will to.

Old Fish House Restaurant
807 Front Street, Georgetown, South Carolina
Phone: (843) 546-1045

the Old Fish House is locally better known as the Big Tuna Restaurant and Bar