Mary Kistler Stoney Flower Garden, Tryon Palace (New Bern, NC)


Mary Kistler Stoney Flower Garden

In mid-August, early on a warm morning before Tryon Palace had officially opened for tours – I wandered the open gardens of the historic district.  Perhaps my favorite was the Mary Kistler Stoney Flower Garden, a sweet, informal garden still beautiful in the late summer.

Located on Pollock Street, the Stoney Garden is surrounded by a white picket fence and is filled with old-fashioned perennials and antique roses of varieties known to have been in New Bern gardens in the 19th century.  Funding for this garden was provided by the family of Mary Kistler Stoney, a member of the original Tryon Palace Commission.  The current garden was constructed in the late 1990s.

For a list of all of the historic gardens at Tryon Palace, please go here.

I loved the walkways in this garden, especially those made of crushed oyster shell.  They fit in beautifully with the informal style of the whole garden.