Lowery’s Restaurant (Tappahannock, VA)

Lowery's Restaurant

Lowery’s Restaurant

 Lowery’s Restaurant

528 Church Lane (Highway 17 South)

Tappahannock, VA

Phone: 804-443-2800


 When I mentioned to folks that I was planning a visit to Tappahannock, Virginia last fall, everyone said that I had to stop for lunch at Lowery’s Restaurant.  They said I couldn’t miss it if I stayed on Highway 17 through town, and they were certainly right.  I couldn’t resist ordering the shrimp platter (with the shrimp fried, of course) – and it sure hit the spot since I hadn’t good shrimp in awhile.   What I liked best though were the sides – you had your choice of about anything you could imagine.  I learned while I was there that Lowery’s has been a local favorite for 75 years!  That’s a long time… and from the look of the board hanging on the wall in their entrance way, filled with photographs, it’ll probably be around for 75 more.


Lowrey's  Patrons - Entranceway

Lowrey’s Patrons – Entrance Way