Highway 17 Made The New York Times! (Part II)

So Seth Kugel of the New York Times’ Frugal Traver wrote a second piece about some of the people he met during his road trip down Highway 17 from Winchester, Virginia to Savannah, Georgia. Here’s his thoughts on traveling and the people you meet along the way:

“But for me, traveling is all about people. Any kind of people, really. Preferably, though, the sort who build chicken coops to look like Wild West towns, silver-haired restaurant owners who greet regulars with a hug and hosts who rent out their spare bedroom for a reasonable price, and throw in waffles and stories of their dating life at no extra charge.”

In his piece he introduces us to the Proprieter of the Carolina Country Store in North Santee, SC, David Bilderback (who is also a pretty amazing chicken coop architect), restaurateur Bill Swain (of the Lunch Bell in Newport News, VA), and Jonathan Morgan – who rents out two rooms of his home in downtown Savannah, GA (through the site

I must say, I’m enjoying that Highway 17 is getting a little love from The New York Times!