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Crooked Run Creek, near the Three Fox Vineyards in Delaplane, Virginia

From the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC):

PEC took the lead in the designation of the Crooked Run Valley Rural Historic District, a district that encompasses 18,630 acres of picturesque rural landscape in northwest Fauquier County, Virginia. The district is visually and physically bounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains on the west and north and foothills, including Lost Mountain, on the east. The gently rolling topography of the Crooked Run Valley is interspersed with smaller valleys created by the numerous spring-fed streams that originate in and cross through it. The Crooked Run, from which the historic district takes its name, flows through the center of the district and parallels the present course of Route 17 (Winchester Road). This central transportation artery, based on a Native American trade route, takes the visitor through the heart of the district. The waters of the Crooked Run, which joins the larger Goose Creek near the village of Delaplane, provided power for mills, which were one of the valley’s earliest industries. The land located within the historic district is now primarily used for farming or pastureland. Over 3,300 acres are held in open-space easement or are public-owned lands.