Caper’s Island, Clammer Dave’s…And The McClellanville “Shark Plant” (Charleston County, SC)


Caper’s Island

Caper’s Island Heritage Reserve is an undeveloped barrier island located north of Charleston between Dewees Island and the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The island lies a few miles from the mainland, and consists of 850 acres of maritime uplands, 214 acres of beach, 1,090 acres of salt marsh and over 100 acres of brackish water impoundments.

It’s breathtakingly beautiful, unspoiled – and well worth a detour off of Highway 17 in Awendaw, South Carolina.  What about checking out one of the tours to Caper’s Island that departs from Isle of Palms?

…and that is a sustainable oyster and clam farm, known as Clammer Dave’s.  Here’s some of what they are all about (from their website):

“Dave Belanger (Clammer Dave) has been farming clams and oysters for over 10 years in the barrier island waters along Capers Island Wildlife Refuge just north of Charleston.

We provide gourmet shellfish to chefs and restaurants around the country. Cultured clams andsingled, pristine oysters are delivered or shipped guaranteed grit free from the ocean to you in the same day.

Clammer Dave practices sustainable aquaculture. Clams and oysters are grown and harvested with as little impact on the environment as possible. Oysters are harvested using a centuries-old technique called “cull in place”. We take only the market size oysters and leave everything else on the reef. This ensures a strong habitat for juvenile oysters and the countless ocean creatures that depend on healthy oyster reefs, one of the world’s most rapidly disappearing ecosystems.”


Now, I’ve had ‘same day’ clams delivered to me on a rare day in coastal South Carolina when we awoke to a dusting of snow on the ground – and we roasted the clams that afternoon over an open fire with beer chilled in a large aluminum bucket filled with snow.  Now how’s that for a lowcountry experience?  The snow might be hard to come by, but check out Clammer Dave’s for the clams and oystersSo check out the wonderful press that Clammer Dave has gotten, and if you don’t order from him directly, or order a gift basket, or sign up for his CSA… maybe try his sustainable seafood at one of the local (and non-local) restaurants that carry his oysters and clams.


But – I’ve mentioned Caper’s and Clammer Dave’s for a reason – and the reason is that I just saw on their blog (Who’s your Clammer?) that Clammer Dave’s has opened up a Seafood Facility, aka the “Shark Plant”in McCLellanville, South Carolina.  And yes – you are correct – it’s the shark on Highway 17 South that I am rather fond of that will watch out over Clammer Dave’s Seafood Facility.

Now I think that’s just perfect, don’t you?

And while you’re wandering around Caper’s, you need to know about something going on in the coastal waters around the island…