Bulls Island “Beach Drop”… (Awendaw, SC)

The fun and always interesting guides at Coastal Expeditions now offer a wonderful new experience – a Beach Drop on Bulls Island… and I’ll sum it up in one word: spectacular!

Last Sunday we departed at 9 am from Garris Landing in Awendaw, South Carolina (in Charleston County) – and enjoyed a 50 minute boat ride to the north end of Bulls Island. Our guide, Capt. Will Christenson was both entertaining and knowledgeable – most of the folks on our boat were first time visitors to Bulls Island, and they couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. While it was warm ‘back on land’ – along the beach it was quite comfortable, and there was a wonderful breeze that kept all of the insects away (you might not believe me it when I say that for the entire five hours I didn’t swat a single insect… which might be an exception, but it was sure nice). We walked from the drop off location along the north side of the island along an incredible stretch of sand and water until we reached Boneyard Beach where we sat and ate our picnic lunch.

A bit about Cape Romain and Bulls Island from the Coastal Expedition Website:

Cape Romain, home of Bulls Island, is one of only two Class One Wilderness Areas on the eastern seaboard and is home to a large population of nesting loggerhead sea turtles, bald eagles, bottlenose dolphins and a staggering 293 species of birds, including rare red knots, several species of terns, ospreys, and a plethora of other shore birds. Seven miles of Bulls Island’s beach are part of the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline on the east coast and allow for unparalleled shelling, beach combing and exploring.


So if you’re planning a trip down Highway 17 through South Carolina and you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and quite spectacular to do (especially if you are a birder!) – you might want to check out the Coastal Expedition website and see if you can fit something in. It truly is a stunningly beautiful spot along the coast of South Carolina. Garris Landing (where the boat departs for Bulls Island) is only a few miles off Highway 17 in Awendaw, South Carolina (see Map).

I’ll let my images from last Sunday speak for themselves.

(You can click on an image to see a larger view).