Best Of

It will be a work in progress for awhile… until I give Highway 17 in Georgia and Florida more attention. But I thought I’d get it started – and have this post be a ‘work-in-progress’, so keep checking back in. And don’t hesitate to make a suggestion if you think a place needs to be included – leave a comment, or email me at


6a00d8341c62a953ef017ee8d5bc89970d-800wi1.  Stop by the Giant Roller Skate at the Rollerworks Family Skating Center in Bealton, Virginia and take a photograph with your friends and family. While you’re there, skate for awhile too!






6a00d8341c62a953ef017c373577a8970b-800wi2. Catch breakfast at Horne’s Restaurant and Gift Shop in Port Royal, Virginia.







6a00d8341c62a953ef017ee8d5c47d970d-800wi3.  Take a tour of Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown, South Carolina in the springtime when the snowdrops are in bloom at Friendfield Village.







6a00d8341c62a953ef017d4162296d970c-800wi4.   Sign up for a Coastal Expeditions Bulls Island Beach Drop in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge (which is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Class 1 Wilderness Area).  There is only one word to describe the place:  breathtaking.






6a00d8341c62a953ef017c3732c458970b-250wi5.  Stop by the Sewee Outpost in Awendaw, South Carolina and buy a country ham biscuit – and sit in one of their rocking chairs and eat it.






Under Construction… more to come!