Avian Conservation Center And The Center For Birds Of Prey (Awendaw, SC)

~Yellow-billed Kite, Milvus parasitus~ ~~~~~

~Yellow-billed Kite, Milvus parasitus~

~Avian Conservation Center and the Center for Birds of Prey~

4872 Seewee, Awendaw, South Carolina

Purchase tickets on-line here or by phone at (800) 979-3370.

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If you’re heading north on Highway 17 in Charleston County, South Carolina – you’ll come across a large, metal swallow-tail kite on your right a few miles after you leave Mt. Pleasant which means at the next right (and 0.2 miles down Seewee Road), you’ll come to the Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, SC. The Avian Conservation Center and the Center for Birds of Prey is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is “to identify and address vital environmental issues by providing medical care to injured birds of prey and shorebirds, and through educational, research and conservation initiatives.”

Recently I was finally able to attend one of the Birds of Prey Photography Days – and it’s an experience I’d highly recommend to anyone (so much so, that I’ve included a stop at the Center for Birds of Prey on my slowly evolving Highway 17 Bucket List). The Photography Day I attended began around 8:30 am and went for just over four hours – where knowledgeable and generous staff and volunteers showed our small group 17 different birds of prey. It was definitely a unique experience – and such a treat to watch the birds, to listen to the well-trained staff, and to learn more about the Center’s conservation efforts and mission.

But I think the best way to explain the experience is to show you images that I took of the birds of prey that we got to see for Photography Day. I don’t think I could pick a favorite, they were each so unique in some way. Enjoy!