A Road Trip Down Highway 17, The Ocean Highway, In North Carolina… Finally!


I started the day off in Washington, DC – and after visiting a few folks in southeastern Virginia, I headed further east and hopped on to US 17 South just a bit north of the Dismal Swamp. I’ve neglected much of this stretch of road in southeast Virginia – and boy, North Carolina is almost missing. But today I drove from the Dismal Swamp to New Bern, North Carolina – and tomorrow I will drive down to Charleston, South Carolina. So by the end of the day tomorrow, I will have traveled down all of US 17 in North Carolina.

I haven’t had a completely leisurely schedule – but I have been stopping, camera in hand, when I could. I stood looking down the Dismal Swamp Canal for a long while, and later on a bench along the water in Williamston – boy, what a beautiful little town. I’ve gone through farmland that gets flatter after each mile, flatter than you thought was possible – and small towns filled with peanut shops. Truly, although it takes longer heading south on Highway 17 – it is such a rich drive, so much richer than I-95 – so if you have the time, aren’t in a rush – it’s so worth your time. It’s lovely.