A Pilgrimage To Where Highway 17 North Ends… And Highway 17 South Begins

Last Sunday I went on a pilgrimage of sorts to Winchester, Virginia to find the beginning of Highway 17 South (and, of course, the end of Highway 17 North). I drove from the Washington, DC area to Winchester – first on I-66, and then I hopped on Highway 17 near Delaplane and headed north.

Now, I realized I am biased, but what a gorgeous stretch of road! I’d made it through Delaplane (remember the Emmanuel Episcopal Church? Delaplane Cellars and Winery? and the Antique Center?) before up to Paris – but this is the first time that I’ve driven the stretch of Highway 17 between Paris and Winchester. I stopped at the Virginia State Arboretum (more in another post on this wonderful place), put my toes in the waters of the Shenandoah (while under the Highway 17 bridge crossing the river) and stood at the edge of Winchester’s Historic District where Highway 17 begins or ends, depending on your perspective.

I don’t think I’ve looked for the beginning or end of a highway before – so I wasn’t sure if it would be an obvious thing – or if I’d have to go hunting for it, not ever knowing for sure where the actually beginning point/endpoint would be. But there it was, clear as day.

South 17 Begin. North 17 End.