A Lovely Home, Main Street, Pollocksville, North Carolina (Jones County)


Main Street (Highway 17 South), Pollocksville, North Carolina

Almost exactly two years ago, I posted images by Hampton Virginia photographer and historian Anthony K. Prater of two buildings in Pollocksville, North Carolina.  I loved his photographs, especially the one of an old home with a front porch across the front.  So – I found myself earlier this week driving south towards Pollocksville, excited about finding this place.

It was right on Main Street (Highway 17 South) – and I recognized it right away.  It’s a bit less well-kept now than in Prater’s photographs, and although his image was taken in the winter – irregardless, much has grown up around the place.  I simply feel in love with the green shutter, nailed shut on one of the windows – and the blue on the ceiling of the porch.  “Haint blue” they call it here in the south.

I’d like to hope that someone will come along and fall for the place – move in, fix her up, put rocking chairs on the front porch, perhaps open a little antique store in the building next door.  I’d like to hope that the next time I drive through Pollocksville, that this place won’t be falling a bit further into disrepair – slowly vanishing like so many beautiful places in the rural south.

Pollocksville is quite lovely.  I’ll post more soon.