“A Coast For All Seasons: A Naturalist’s Guide To The Coast Of South Carolina”, Hayes And Michel


A Coast for All Seasons: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Coast of South Carolina

Miles O. Hayes and Jacqueline Michel

Joseph M. Holmes, Illustrator

Pandion Books (2008)


I recently came across this guide, and have really enjoyed how smoothly it integrates geological and coastal processes into a visit to a tourist destination. In the Introduction of the guide, the authors quickly address the dual purposes of the book – stating that Section I of the book will provide the reader with an introductory understanding of coastal processes and land forms — and that Section II helps the visitor learn about a specific area. If you’re the type that is always curious how a region formed – how the barrier islands form and move, how the coast line was shaped – then this book is for you. It’d be a wonderful book to take along on a road trip if you got kids in tow – I think they’d eat this stuff up (or at least I hope so!).